Who is LoanByLink dedicated to?

E-commerce credits

Onsite shop

Social media Loans

Websites credits
(no shop)

Credit link generator

Installments in services

What can you get with LoanByLink

Dzięki ratom LoanByLink you will significantly increase the customers’ number who can buy your
products and use services. It’s a well-known fact that allowing clients credit payments rise their demand
for purchase. Thanks to our service your clients will be able to buy more or buy more expensive products
which would not be available for them by cash. LoanByLink make your shop offer more attractive for
clients that leads to their higher loyalty . What’s more you not only get new clients but also keep the old
ones that pursue shop by credit solutions.

Why us?

High level of applications acceptance

Alternative financing in case of bank refusal

Fast transfer to the shop account

Technical support



Prizes and

European Medal

The financial order
of Home&Market

Fintech Award

Crystal of Quality